About the Park

Dzukija National Park and Cepkeliai State Nature Reserve Directorate
Address: Vilniaus str. 3, Merkinė, LT-65334 Varėnos district
Tel./fax: (+370 310) 44 641

Dzukija National Park was established on 23 April 1991 to preserve, maintain and cultivate the richest in natural and cultural resources territories in Alytus, Varena, Druskininkai and Lazdijai regions, known as the Dainava land (“the singing land”), for the sake of nature and people.

Visitors Centre in Marcinkonys
Miškininkų str. 61
+370 672 46388
e-mail: [email protected]

Visitors Centre in Merkinė,  
Vilniaus str. 3,
+370 672 46275,
e-mail: [email protected] 

Last updated: 23-11-2023